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Unlocking the Potential: Exploring Rural Recruitment & Welcoming Strategies

Dive into the world of rural recruitment and welcoming strategies on Tuesday, August 15th at noon. Drawing inspiration from successful initiatives in Minnesota communities, this webinar will provide practical tools and insights that can be applied to Wisconsin communities. Whether you are a community leader, organizer, or simply passionate about revitalizing rural areas, this presentation offers valuable knowledge to help foster growth and enhance community engagement. Using real world case studies, we will:
  • examine the approaches employed by community leaders in Minnesota
  • distill valuable lessons learned into actionable advice
  • discuss the practical tools and community processes that have proven effective in attracting and retaining new residents
Don’t miss this empowering session that aims to rewrite the narrative surrounding rural areas offered by the Community Development Institute UW-Madison Division of Extension. Together, let’s uncover the untapped potential and create a brighter future for rural America.
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