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Could a “Road Diet” benefit your Downtown?

Downtown Appleton’s main street, College Avenue, is a busy four lane commercial arterial featuring popular restaurants, retail shops, service businesses (spas, lawyers, banks etc.) and nightlife/entertainment options.  However with eight intersections allowing left turns, the potential for back-ups and accidents existed.  And unfortunately the two lanes in each direction were sometimes deemed as being  “race ready”.  To address these issues, the City Council approved an 18-month Pilot Project to put College Avenue on a “Road Diet”.

The College Avenue Lane Reconfiguration Project is part of Smart Streets Appleton, a campaign that aims to improve street safety and access for everyone.

The new roadway design will develop a multimodal corridor that:

  • enhances the outdoor experience
  • supports local businesses
  • bolsters a welcoming downtown 

The corridor features two travel lanes, a center turn lane, and dedicated bike lanes creating a more pedestrian and bicycle-friendly environment with no loss of parking.

Appleton expects to experience improvements in safety and access to College Avenue due to this project. 


  • Expected reduction in the number of vehicle accidents and motor-related conflicts
  • Improved pedestrian cross-lane experience, reducing crashes
  • Smoother traffic flow, reducing the risk of aggressive speeding
  • Improved visibility when making a left or right turn


  • New, dedicated bicycle lanes for cyclists, scooters, and other wheeled vehicles
  • No loss of curbside, on-street parking
  • Improved pedestrian sidewalk experience


  • Creation of a livable, pleasant neighborhood environment
  • Slower speeds and improved sightlines allow motorists to see what the downtown has to offer
  • Attraction of bicycle and pedestrian groups downtown to spend money in shops and restaurants
  • National studies show a street redesign boosts economic growth and property values

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