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President’s Note

I am proud and humbled to serve as president of the Wisconsin Downtown Action Council (WDAC) this year. It has been my pleasure to be a member of the WDAC board since 2018. I have enjoyed working with past president Kate Westaby over the past two years as WDAC has adjusted to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic as so many organizations have. It was wonderful to mark 2022 with the return of the Wisconsin Downtown Summit and growth of many of our other programs in WDAC’s fortieth year.

2023 will mark a year of transition for the organization. One thing I have learned through my consulting practice is the importance of a clear strategy for every organization, and WDAC is no exception. It is appropriate at each milestone to pause and reflect on one’s accomplishments and to chart new courses and opportunities. With this in mind, we will be announcing a pair of listening sessions in the next several weeks to engage WDAC members both past and present in a discussion about what makes this organization great, unique, and impactful. This will help the board decide where to invest its time, programming, and resources as we move into our next decade of growth.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with Create Wisconsin and to resume our advocacy efforts. We intend to host a Day at the Capitol this spring as the state legislature begins its biennial budget process and considers several proposals to reshape local government funding. Similarly, we recognize the role that WDAC played in the creation of Wisconsin’s Business Improvement District legislation more than thirty years ago. We look forward to collaborating with partners across the state to highlight the impact of our BIDs and to host discussions regarding what works and what doesn’t in BID law.

Finally, we will continue to highlight the work of our friends and colleagues at AARP Wisconsin, WEDC, and others as we all work to build vibrant, walkable spaces throughout our communities.

I am always happy to chat about WDAC, our work, and how you can be more engaged. I look forward to seeing many of you around the state this year and in years to come.

Jeff Sachse, President of WDAC & Founder
Rawley Point Economic Advising
(414) 305-6236
[email protected]

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