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Main Street’s Adaptability and LIVE! Shopping Events to Live!

Monroe Main Street LIVE!

A big part of being a small nonprofit is that we can redirect attentions as needed. Main Street Monroe’s work is focused on a particular geographical area, but the work itself is unrestricted. And the boots on the ground approach, from myself as the sole employee and volunteers, means adaptability is a key component because the work is forever about adapting and resiliency.

This is something I will forever appreciate. When the pandemic started, Main Street Monroe was able to adapt its work in a matter of a couple weeks to provide sales to businesses that were forced to be closed for 10 weeks. In 2020, Main Street LIVE! shopping events brought in over $85,000 to the local businesses in the district. In our district, rents can average approximately $1,200 a month.

These results are possible because of adaptability that allows us to move beyond simply being “busy” or having activity. Main Street Monroe means creating real results. The work that goes into LIVE! sessions can take dozens of hours for each one –merchandise selection, actual set up at each store, invoicing, delivery, and mailing. Main Street has played a role in all of that. Volunteers continuously find time to monitor and respond to comments in real time.

Main Street’s adaptability is indicative of the businesses that make up our and so many historic districts. In a year full of so much bad, there has been so much good; like these businesses that continue to take the time to adapt to the current situation and have let the community connect with them through our efforts. Main Street Monroe, Inc. and its businesses are adjusting, so that we can live through the good and the bad. And this adaptability means that we can continue making sure that whatever we work do has lasting, positive impacts.

Written by: WDAC Board Member & Executive Director of Main Street Monroe, Jordan Nordby

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