Wisconsin Downtown Action Council is a statewide organization established to facilitate the revitalization of Wisconsin downtowns as vibrant social and economic centers. WDAC will pursue our mission through a mix of strategies including developing partnerships with other organizations, information sharing, and facilitating networking and peer learning. It is our vision that all Wisconsin communities will recognize and support their downtowns as special places and work together for the betterment of all Wisconsin downtowns.

There are many tools available to those working to keep Wisconsin downtowns vital. The challenge is tracking down all the resources. WDAC strives to make available the information most helpful to downtown advocates and professionals through our case studies, community visits, newsletters and e-mail notifications to our members.

Following is the 2014 WI Historic Tax Credit Fact Sheet by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation for Incoming Producing Properties. Beginning in 2014, Wisconsin property owners and developers who invest in renovating and restoring historic properties can take advantage of additional state tax credits available to help finance this type of project. This act both expanded the state match for federal tax credits on certified historic properties and also created an additional tax credit category for properties built prior to 1936 but not eligible for the state or national register. Combined, these credits provide opportunities for a wide variety of additional projects to secure additional funding and become economically feasible. This document provides an overview of the various types of credits and how they can be applied to individual projects.

Download (PDF, 327KB)