Why Invest in WDAC?

Peer-to-Peer Learning
We hold regular meetings around the state, making regional networking easier on both time and budget. Our meetings are hosted by a WDAC member community and usually include a tour and discussion of what has worked and what has not for that downtown. Participants offer impressions and share knowledge and ideas with the host.

WDAC partners with organizations to provide education and support to WDAC members. We bring together a downtown collaboration of groups working to revitalize and preserve traditional business districts through education, advocacy and resources for community leaders and city planners.

There are many tools available to those working to keep Wisconsin downtowns vital. The challenge is tracking down all the resources. WDAC strives to make available the information most helpful to downtown advocates and professionals through our website, regular gatherings and e-mail notifications to our members.

We look forward to your investment as we work together in fostering downtown revitalization throughout Wisconsin – Join us today!